Welcome to the website Business to Business Know Hao. B2BKH is a consultance company that is specialized in doing business with or in China. We make use of 'Young China Specialists' that have experience in culture, business and Chinese traditions. If you or your business is having trouble breaking down the great wall that surrounds China, we might be of great help.

Young China Specialists is what we call our constultants. All of us have worked and studied in China and attained certain skills and knowledge. We are also below the age of 30, which brings many benefits in terms of availability and flexibility. Even though we are young, we yet bring experience. Our specialists have worked in China in all different area's of business such as Hotel Management, Wholesale (food industry), Entertainment and Agriculture (cut flowers).

If you or your company is interested in using one of these specialists; Advice and research is all for free. We will accompaniment your business deal until the very end. Assembling the right negotiaion team, adjusted to the eight elements in Chinese negotiation, market, place and type of industry is essential for your company. Interested? Contact us